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Crestview Veterinary Hospital is a reputable veterinary hospital in Fairfield, IL. We offer quality pet healthcare at affordable prices. You can check out our hospital location and hospital hours on our veterinarian listing. We understand how important your furry companion is. Our animal hospital is expertly run by caring individuals who have dedicated their lives to pet care. Please visit our animal doctor today and make sure your buddy is healthy!
The core of any pet healthcare plan is getting routine check-ups. We believe strongly in preventative care. Our wellness programs can set-up your pet for a long and healthy life. For example, annual check-ups are suggested for young healthy pets, but they may need to become more frequent as they age. Many serious health conditions can be thwarted if they receive the proper care in time. It is important to know your pet and stay aware of any changes in behavior or mood.
Regular wellness exams vary from pet to pet. The process is not too different from a physical with your doctor. First, the veterinarian will review your pet’s health history and ask for any pertinent information regarding eating habits, activity level, and unusual behavior. From there, we will exam your pet from head to tail. Next, we may request blood work and other diagnostic tests. These usually vary by age and may only be required if your pet has a history of illness.
In addition to our general healthcare offerings, we also offer: dental care, pain management, surgeries, spays, x-rays, microchipping, declawing, and euthanasia. All of your pet care needs can be found in one convenient location. 

Ask how our vet hospital can help your pet today!

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