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Crestview Veterinary Hospital provides pet grooming in Fairfield, IL. Dog grooming and cat grooming is not just for good looks. A professional pet groomer can be an integral part of your pet’s healthcare plan. Ask our pet stylist for the pet grooming menu. We offer affordable pet grooming pricing and grooming supplies. Even though your pet might not like taking a bath or getting a haircut, they will sure feel better after they do. It is just like when you go and get your hair cut!
Regular pet grooming keeps your pet huggable, lovable, and smelling good. It is the little things like frequent touching that ensure your pet will live a long and happy life. Also, a healthier coat and skin will help prevent lesions and parasites. These conditions can be painful and costly. Grooming varies from breed to breed, and situation to situation. Some coats are more resistant to outdoor activity, while others require regular cuts and shampoos. Our groomer can recommend a regular schedule.
In addition to our grooming services, we also work with pet dental as well. Pet dental is an often-overlooked aspect of healthcare. Animals are always sticking their mouths in interesting places. In order to ensure they are protected, you should practice regular dental hygiene. Dental chews, bones, and teeth brushing are all good, but sometimes professional work is required. We can do a professional cleaning and gum examination that will have you going in for a big wet kiss!
Grooming and dental care are not just for show animals! They keep your dogs and cats feeling and looking good. We offer plenty of ways to save you money.

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